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My name is Omar Elkaseh. Born in Birmingham UK and lived in Mallorca for the past 5 years. I am a personal trainer at the one and only Fit Club Mallorca, as well as leading the reception. All of my clients are different, with different body types and different goals. When you work with me I will analyse your personal lifestyle: working hours, sleeping/eating patterns, food allergies and exercise habits. From this information I will construct a customised diet and training plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

After time you will surpass your limits and a new one will be set in place. GET RESULTS!

I have been practicing fitness and nutrition for the past 7 years and through countless hours of research and trial and error practices on myself and others I have gained the knowledge to pass onto others to help them reach their target.

I would highly recommend Omar as a personal trainer. My goals when I started training where to lose body fat, to gain a little muscle and to tone my shape. However, I could never get the results I wanted when I trained alone. I started seeking advice from others around the gym and that’s when I was recommended Omar as a personal trainer. We discussed my goals and set a plan so that we could achieve them. With the correct eating plan that suited me and my life style and the correct training after 1 month I could notice a difference in my shape, feeling and wellbeing. Looking back now on how I used to train and eat I can see the obvious errors that I was doing. Now I have achieved my goals I decided to set new ones in place, getting better step by step. I could not have done this without the help of Omar.

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