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Mark Anthony, Personal trainer

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

There’s no better time than the present!

Mark has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and has worked with 1000´s of people all across Europe

Mark works with clients of all ages, profession and mind set and turns them into highly motivated energised athletes, dedicated to reaching their goals in the fastest time naturally possible.

Mark´s knowledge of fitness training and nutrition has led to him working in 3 different countries where he has helped educate his clients on how to eat right and train more effectively in order to create internal balance which then flows into external beauty. Mark believes that the real secret to transforming lives is consistency, after all Rome wasn´t built in a day!

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The first step is on you:

 Deciding enough is enough and you want to change your body for the better, so let´s get to work! An initial consultation will be required to get some information on your current lifestyle habits

The training program is simple right? wrong! Because everybody is unique the exercise prescription will be tailored to suit your individual body type and needs. First we address any current injuries or muscular imbalances which may slow down your progress. We then develop the body´s foundation creating physical strength and balance. Only then can we be ready to train the only way Mark believe´s we should train – with high intensity! The workouts are about pushing out of your comfort zone in the safe and correct way. 

Workouts can be in the gym or in the fresh outdoors using the latest functional training equipment. Group training is also a great way of building a positive mind set and fantastic physique between friends. The group training offers you the chance to help and support each other into achieving anything you believe!

So why train with Mark?:

Building strength

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Learning on the go

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Improve your lungs

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Flexible manuvers

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"A year from now you will wish that you started today."

Great professional and better person. Lucky to have him around, at the gym.

Luis Martin

It's Excellent training with Mark. Tailored training to your body's needs and your personal goals. Works very well with injuries and will push you farther than you thought you could ever go. The results are incredible.And he puts up with me !! No prisoners! Big up to Mark !!!

Francesca Dougall

Mark is passionate about his work and it shows in the results he achieves x the best trainer I had and I miss you like lots of others do here in Cyprus keep up with the good work we're proud of you x

Caroline Dalby

Why wait? Contact Mark today and let's get the body moving!!

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